Spark an interest and love for learning and the Spanish language as young as 3 years old! The Spanish Advantage Club is offering Pre-K classes to ready your child for further education.

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Afterschool Care

Afterschool Care

The Spanish Advantage Club offers pick up from 8 different schools in the Lawrence Township area to bring your child to our facility and help them complete their homework. Private-Tutoring is also available for scheduling.

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Having trouble with Spanish? Need help with homework? Or simply have an interest in learning the basics? T.S.A.C. offers Private tutors for students along with Spanish classes for adults!

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Welcome Parents and New Students!

The Spanish Advantage Club is an After School tutoring program and Preschool that is entirely in the Spanish language. We help children complete their school assigned homework and also help them study and prepare for all their tests and exams. Preschool students will become immersed in the Spanish language and prepare for schooling to come. The Spanish Advantage Club also offers private tutoring along with Adult classes for those who want to learn Spanish.

We're Not Here to be Good, We're Here to be Great!


Our History

The Spanish Advantage Club was created by Sra. Elizabeth Isonhood in 2015. She was a second and sixth grade teacher at Forest Glen Elementary School in Lawrence, IN for eight years. She started tutoring individual students in her home her first year as a teacher. Over the years she was tutoring so many students that she had to start to tutor small groups of children. The small groups in a short amount of time turned into larger groups. In order for her to fulfill her dream of teaching and helping all her student's needs, she opened The Spanish Advantage Club. This allowed her to help and teach all of the growing amount of children that came to her.

The Spanish Advantage Club
The Spanish Advantage Club

Our Mission

The Spanish Advantage Club mission is to teach English speaking children the language of Spanish and their academics in the Spanish language. She believes that learning multiple languages enhances our children's minds and gives them a learning and comprehension advantage in all aspects of their lives and future.

As a teacher and a mother of six children she has the experience and knowledge of analyzing each individual child's needs to ensure that they receive the absolute best plan possible in helping them achieve their academic goals.


Ashley Clampitt

The S.A.C. is AMAZING!! They are very accommodating, and you get a lot for your money. My son's grades went up quite a bit since starting tutoring, and he also was able to develop an interest in running through the Running Club and finished his first 5K this Spring. In addition, the camps are a great mix of fun and play. I would highly recommend this Club to anyone at Forest Glen or pursing Spanish.

Brenda Royal

This is more than an after school tutoring program. Although they are the best in helping students with their Spanish and English homework. They continually prove themselves by adding learning Spanish into most activities. Also, providing one on one help if needed. In addition to the Spanish help, they are more like an extended family. They truly care for each child. My children loves it here, so much my older son comes back as often as he can, to help. And they welcome him back with open arms.

Tracey Bricker

My daughter attends this club and she absolutely loves it! She learns so much! The staff is sooo friendly. The leaders are such amazing people. The love they have for teaching and nurturing young people is great! I would definitely recommend this place to my friends with children.

Tafrica Harewood

The Spanish Advantage Club is a wonderful way to supplement your child's learning. They are flexible and work hard to make sure that our daughter is challenged, supported and encouraged, academically, linguistically and socially and so much more. This is a family business, and they make us feel like each child and family who is part of TSAC is a priority to them! We are so grateful for and pleased with the development of our daughter over the three years that we have been part of the program. We cannot say enough great things! TSAC is the best of the best!

R. Stronge

Best Aftercare and Summer Camp program in Lawrence. They taught my kids so much Spanish and such a short amount of time. My wife and I are very happy with this organization. We highly recommend TSAC.

Beulah Bricker

This is a great club. My granddaughter absolutely loves it. She was struggling at school and Sra Isonhood and her staff have totally helped her out. Great place to be. Lots of love and respect for everyone.

Lori Matthews

ABSOLUTELY love TSAC! Not only are they a HUGE help to our child, but they are so family oriented and feel like family to us. My son will continue to attend TSAC as well my daughter once she is old enough to join!

Amy Sheehan

Our children have been attending TSAC afterschool for the last two years and I can honestly say that TSAC has literally changed our life. Before TSAC, we would spend the entire evening doing homework, which limited our time for other activities and sometimes made for long nights. It was also challenging because my husband and I are not fluent Spanish speakers. Now with TSAC, we can pick the kids up after a long day at work and they have all of their homework finished. Evenings are much less stressful and we can participate in extra curricular activities without worrying about time to help with homework. Both of our kids have thrived academically and become more confident in their Spanish language. I can’t say enough about how much the teachers and staff care about the children both academically and socially and how happy we have been with TSAC.

Beth Gelfius

This club is great for my daughter! She receives tutoring on her homework as well as enjoys the sports, soccer and running!

Pamela Constante

TSAC is a great club for children to learn Spanish and to stay active playing outdoor activities.

Eghe Osemwota

Great school and summer program for kids !

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